What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the science of human psychological well-being - often just shortened to 'flourishing'. Where clinical psychology and psychotherapy are concerned with treating what is wrong with us, and try to stop us being unhappy, positive psychology is concerned with what's good in life, how we can do or have more of it, and how we can be happier (as distinct from 'less miserable'). Often, by nourishing the good in our lives, we make it easier to deal with the difficult - we feel stronger, better supported, more optimistic, more resilient, or more grateful - but this is a by-product, rather than its primary goal.

Positive Psychology covers topics such as Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Resilience & Coping, Hope, Passion, and Meaning at work and in our personal lives.

I bring this understanding of flourishing to my coaching, and can explore with clients ways they can bring a greater sense of satisfaction, purpose, or even pleasure (nothing wrong with that!) to their lives.

I also run public workshops on positive psychology & mindfulness.

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